‘My Hair’ Leena Voxx – Song Background

‘My Hair’ The story behind the lyrics

‘My Hair’ is about bullying I experienced during my teenage years at school. This all happened more than 10 years ago and at the time I did not really think it as bullying. I found it hard to form relationships at school and just felt ‘different’ in more ways than one. It didn’t help that in my early teens I was already tall, about a head taller than pupils my age, including the boys. I became an easy target to poke fun of and I always wondered why it is that people don’t like me. What’s so wrong about me? I was constantly excluded from things and it felt hard. It used to upset me all the time and I went through emotions such as insecurity, anger, frustration and I used to cry about it.

Naming the track

I called the song ‘My Hair’ because girls at school used to pick on me about my hair all the time. I had long hair and I used to wear it quite thick, whereas other girls mostly used hair straighteners to make their hair thin.

Things changed as I grew up.

As you grow up and get through the teenage years, you can see things more clearly and analyse the situations better. It was only later that I realised that this is a form of bullying that goes on a lot at schools. There are the cheerleaders and then there are the followers that are part of the group to be on the wrong side out of fear of being the rabbit in the headlights. The song is about me narrating the story as I see it now. I go through different emotions and I am directly addressing the bullies.

There are no winners in bullying. Bullying hurts people that are exposed to it, but also those who are the agitators putting up a tough front often land with the wrong crowd and may put themselves in a vulnerable position. These are after all life defining years.

Releasing the track

I planned to release this track in September, but the production was delayed due to pandemic and the new release date is now 13th November. The release coincides with the anti-bullying week in the UK, which runs from 16-20th November. I hope that the song raises awareness among the young people and adults alike. If you are being bullied there is help available. Talk to your school and your parents and let them know what happens and how it makes you feel. It
is hard to suffer in silence. We are all different and I see that as a necessity to become truly independent rather than a problem.

Right Here, Released on 29/05/2020

Leena Voxx’s latest single ‘Right Here’ is an emotional tale of being in love and never wanting to let go.  It brings with it a divinely soulful electro-pop beat that allows Leena’s beautiful and distinct vocals to take centre stage.

Throughout, she explores and expresses her feelings with the listeners bringing with it a message of the heart. A message that can be heard and understood by many, sung to us with honesty and passion.  ‘Right Here’ tells a tale of love, the feelings of love and the thoughts of wanting to be with and stay with someone.

Adding more heat to ‘Right Here’, producer KØLA has collaborated with Leena on a remarkable modern remix of ‘Right Here’, combining his extensive industry experience with Leena’s very own ethereal and captivating style.

The track received on a number of radio stations and was placed on the  Atmosphere Radio A-list for weeks.

Never Goes Away, Released on 20/03/2020

Releasing ‘Never Goes Away’ this Friday, Leena Voxx has decided not to hide away during the current climate. Instead, she is to lay the rawest of her emotions bare with ‘Never Goes Away’; a personal tale of falling in love.

“This song is about falling in love. It has no hidden meaning. It is opening up your heart and shouting out how you feel after finding love.”

Now that a growing number of us are opting to keep safe in our own homes, we’ll crave new music and other entertainment more than ever.  Leena Voxx’s new single ‘Never Goes Away’ is fuelled by emotion & intrigue. It describes falling in love and not letting it go. Strong, undoubtable feelings inspired Leena to write ‘Never Goes Away’. This sense of certainty is very much needed during uncertain times such as these.  Subconsciously staying true to this philosophy, Leena wasted no time getting her emotions on paper. Rather than editing and rearranging the lyrics, she left them untouched, conveying her emotions in the rawest, most honest way possible.

Songwriter and producer Kerfo (who has worked with a number of award-winning artists from the likes of Sony and Universal Music) has teamed up with Leena Voxx to produce a majestic, modern remix of ‘Never Goes Away’.  The remix combines his strong level of emotion, energy and unrestrained groove with her ethereal and captivating style.

Leena Rebrands for 2020

After a break of two years where she focused on her songwriting and redefining her musical style, Leena is back with a busy release schedule for the new year and decade.  Leena has rebranded to ‘Leena Voxx’ and will release her old catalogue under the new artist name as well.  

What is behind the rebranding?

I have used my full name as my artist name in the past, but my last name being Finnish, it is not all that memorable and people don’t really know how to pronounce or spell it in the english speaking world.  And, my first name is difficult enough.  

Why Leena Voxx?

I wanted to keep my first name so I felt I just needed a memorable and meaningful second part to go with it.  Voice is my main instrument in my songs as I tend to use different layers and colours of my voice in all my songs.  I use harmonies in most sections of my songs as well.  Voxx is a reference to vocals / voice which I see as representing me and my brand in the right way.