Right Here, Released on 29/05/2020

Leena Voxx’s latest single ‘Right Here’ is an emotional tale of being in love and never wanting to let go.  It brings with it a divinely soulful electro-pop beat that allows Leena’s beautiful and distinct vocals to take centre stage.

Throughout, she explores and expresses her feelings with the listeners bringing with it a message of the heart. A message that can be heard and understood by many, sung to us with honesty and passion.  ‘Right Here’ tells a tale of love, the feelings of love and the thoughts of wanting to be with and stay with someone.

Adding more heat to ‘Right Here’, producer KØLA has collaborated with Leena on a remarkable modern remix of ‘Right Here’, combining his extensive industry experience with Leena’s very own ethereal and captivating style.

The track received on a number of radio stations and was placed on the  Atmosphere Radio A-list for weeks.