Leena Rebrands for 2020

by | Jan 1, 2020 | 2020, Leena Ojala, Leena Voxx, Rebrand

After a break of two years where she focused on her songwriting and redefining her musical style, Leena is back with a busy release schedule for the new year and decade.  Leena has rebranded to ‘Leena Voxx’ and will release her old catalogue under the new artist name as well.  

What is behind the rebranding?

I have used my full name as my artist name in the past, but my last name being Finnish, it is not all that memorable and people don’t really know how to pronounce or spell it in the english speaking world.  And, my first name is difficult enough.  

Why Leena Voxx?

I wanted to keep my first name so I felt I just needed a memorable and meaningful second part to go with it.  Voice is my main instrument in my songs as I tend to use different layers and colours of my voice in all my songs.  I use harmonies in most sections of my songs as well.  Voxx is a reference to vocals / voice which I see as representing me and my brand in the right way.

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